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How to choose the Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain?

best mattress for back pain

The solace of living space is often determined by its comfort and functionality. In the same manner, the convenience a bed or a mattress provides depends on how comfortable and functional it is. Finding the best mattress for back pain that provides the right balance of support and comfort may prove to be difficult for a first-time shopper because everyone seems to provide the same basic things. The most comfortable mattress may not be the most functional one or it can be the other way around. Shopping for the right one that can complement the consumer’s needs can be very confusing. It would be best to keep in mind that not all mattresses are made equal.

Which is The Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain?

By understanding the elements that make a good quality mattress, one will be able to weigh his or her options and ultimately decide which one to buy. Mattress Size, of course, would be the first consideration in buying a mattress. The size or dimensions of a mattress may range from single, twin size, queen, king and the biggest. The second consideration would be the type of mattress, whether it would be a traditional one, a mattress which is made of solid foam or a more specialized one like an orthopedic mattress. At this stage, the buyer should already have in mind the level of comfort that he or she wishes to have.

Next would be the material or fabric of the mattress. Traditional mattresses are either made of innerspring or latex (solid foam) though memory foam and orthopedic mattresses are now equally popular. A number of mattresses are even built to have adjustable bases which will allow the sleepers to adjust the head and the foot of the bed accordingly.


zinus memory foam

Top 5 Best Mattress For Back Pain 2023

Mattress shopping is much more critical than what most people perceive it to be. Mattress shoppers will find it very difficult to select one mattress over the other because there are just too many to choose from. To narrow it down a bit,

  1. Tempur-Pedic
  2. Sleep number
  3. Serta
  4. Sealy
  5. Amerisleep


Tempur-Pedic is a well-known manufacturer of beds, pillows, linens, sofas, and most notably, mattresses. They take pride in having a wide selection of mattresses that caters to all types of budget and needs. Tempur-pedic beds are known for their adaptive mattresses that adjust to the shape of the body to further provide sleepers with a good balance of support and comfort.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number is a bed and mattress manufacturer that believes in the individual needs of each consumer. That is why their line of mattresses is said to be individualized according to the demands of the buyer. Their new i10 bed, for example, is designed to facilitate the right distribution of weight to avoid the occurrence of back and muscle pains. Also, the firmness of their beds can be adjusted instantly using a remote control.


Popular for their innerspring mattresses, Serta is also known for their memory foam hybrid mattress which uses innerspring for support and the benefits of memory foam for comfort. This innovative idea for a mattress will provide sleepers with their much-needed sleep and minimize their discomfort.


Sealy is one of the leading competitors in the mattress market. Sealy’s new line of mattresses under the name, Posturepedic was well received by consumers for being feature packed. Not only does it have a half foam, half spring hybrid construction but it also boasts its use of gel memory foam in its mattresses. Gel memory foam provides temperature control which will give sleepers a deep, comfortable, and relaxing sleep.


What differentiates Amerisleep from its competition is its use of plant-based material in manufacturing its ultra-comfortable memory foam beds. Their beds will serve as a very good option for shoppers who are environmentally conscious. Investing the time and money into purchasing a comfortable mattress has many benefits such as improved quality of life and better overall health. Sleeping in better comfort will increase physical energy and mental awareness during the day as well as alleviate body aches and back pain at night

How Memory Foam Mattress is Best For Back Pain?

In the 1970′s, NASA was looking for a material that could help counteract the effects of g-forces on astronauts. This led to the invention of memory foam, a material that the mattress industry incorporated into their bedding products. Hospitals were the first to notice that memory foam made for a great mattress, particularly for patients with back injuries. Due to memory foam’s rapidly growing popularity, consumers were able to purchase mattresses made from this new material in the early 1990′s.

While the price point is sometimes higher than a conventional spring mattress, many have found that the benefits of a memory foam mattress justify the added expense. Who would have thought that the same material was keeping astronauts safe while blasting off into outer space, would also provide comfort and back pain relief when put to use in a less extreme environment?

Top 5 best Mattress for Back Pain

  • Zinus “Sleep Master”
  • Tempur-pedic “Cloud Luxe”
  • Sealy “Embody”
  • Comforpedic “Mystere”
  • Tempur-Pedic “Grand Bed”

Zinus “Sleep Master”

Offers soy foam that sleeps cooler than its synthetic counterparts. The mattress is very soft and offers a good hypoallergenic solution.

Tempur-pedic “Cloud Luxe”

Tempur-pedic is one of the pioneering companies in mattresses made out of memory foam. The Luxe is also one of the most expensive mattresses on the market right now, but the quality of the material commands the extra price.

Sealy “Embody”

A mattress designed to minimize heat and moisture build-up. This is one of the most common complaints with memory foam material. The Sealy “embody” is a well-rounded choice.

Comforpedic “Mystere”

This mattress is another that’s designed to sleep cooler and offers a material that springs back into place quickly. This is a great mattress if you sleep in different positions throughout the night because some mattresses can take a while to re-form to your body’s contours.

Tempur-pedic “Grand Bed”

This is the ultimate luxury mattress model offered by Tempur-Pedic with layers of silk and satin to offer the best quality mattress possible.

How Memory Foam Is Better Than Spring Mattress?

This foam material was designed to mold itself to the shape of whatever compresses against it. The structure of the material allows it to create a soft, but firm cushion that fully supports every point of the body. Regardless of how you sleep: front, back, side, or all of the above, a memory foam mattress will support your body fully. The memory foam’s properties also make it nearly impossible to disturb your partner or pets who share the same bed as you.

A traditional metal spring mattress will transfer every move made through the springs, while memory foam does not transfer any motion made. If you suffer from back problems, you may find that a metal spring mattress makes the problem worse. Metal springs are only capable of producing a certain amount of support, usually in straight lines. Since your spine follows a natural curve, a metal spring mattress will not sufficiently support the entire length of your spine.

Memory foam molds itself to every contour of your body to equally distribute the pressure of your body weight. Many consider them as a very good mattress for back pain. This mattress type is ideal for people with allergies because of the anti-microbial and tends not to trap dust like traditional spring mattresses. The only drawback to memory foam is that it retains body heat which can cause excess sweating. Recent improvements in these mattresses have addressed this problem, resulting in cooler models.

Why Memory Foam Mattress Is Best For  Back Pain?

Memory foam mattresses have taken the mattress industry by storm. Due to their ability to conform to the contours of the body to provide maximum support and comfort, back pain sufferers have literally thrown their old mattress to get themselves a new memory foam bed. But they soon discovered that not all Visco elastic memory mattresses are ideal for Back Pain. Finding the perfect and ideal memory foam can be a real challenge. You have to think about ILD, Density, and price. It is no secret that memory foam beds are quite expensive.

Best Affordable Mattress For Back Pain

Expensive foam memory beds are usually expensive due to the high-quality materials in them. Take Tempur pedic mattress for example. Tempur Pedic is a household name when it comes to Visco elastic memory foam. They have established a good reputation because of the quality of their products. Additionally, they are famous for their “Tempur” material.

This material makes their memory foam more consistent. By consistent, we mean a mattress that provides the same level of comfort and supports no matter the season and the environment.

Why Not All Cheap Mattresses Have Low Quality?

It is easy to rely on expensive Memory foam beds because of their quality. But do not quickly cross out the cheaper ones off your list. Many companies still strive to bring you high-quality beds without busting the bank.

Here is a tip when buying a new bed. Low-density foam memory beds are usually cheaper than high-density ones. Most people can find comfort in low-density beds. Check out mattresses with 4 or less than 4 of density. It should work well in giving you balanced comfort and support.

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