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Best Mattress Topper For Heavy People Reviews: A Buyer Guide

Best Mattress Topper For Heavy People

Memory foams come in a whole variety of densities, depending on the preference of the sleeper. A lightweight person would do well with a low-density foam (approximately 2.5 to 3.5lb) as low-density foam reacts faster to body heat. A heavier person would enjoy a high-density memory foam (approximately 5 lbs.) that will similarly provide better heat and pressure reaction. So the best mattress topper for heavy people should be (approximately 5lbs.) dense.

The memory foam mattress topper should also be thick enough to absorb the entire weight of your body. A decent mattress topper should at least be two inches thick, but it could go up to somewhere between three to five inches in thickness as well for larger sleepers.

Best Mattress Topper for Heavy People

The reason why visco-elastic foam is ideal for the mattress is that the entire material is capable of accommodating various pressure points of the horizontal body, especially points located at the shoulder and hips that compress the hardest onto the mattress surface area. As you already can expect, we all sleep in different postures and alternate our sleeping styles throughout the night, which is why it is essential to sleep on bedding material that can also shift according to our body contours. In other words, rather than experiencing pressure on your shoulders, hip and knees, sleeping on a visco-elastic foam will evenly distribute your weight across the mattress, thereby effectively elevating all pressure points.


Why Is Visco Elastic Mattress Topper Best?

Visco-elastic foam is often equated to deep sleep thanks to its effectiveness in reducing point pressure and the ability to ease stiffness in the sleeper’s body. Visco-elastic foam is implemented into plenty of home furnishings from mattress overlays to mattress pads and pillows. The foam’s creation originated from the NASA headquarters in the 1970s and was originally intended to help ease the gravity forces generated during lift-off. The visco-elastic foam, also known as memory foam reduced pressure points being applied to the astronauts under that condition while also functioning as a much-needed orthopedic support.

Which Is The Best Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Thanks to mass manufacturing and the global restructuring of the economy, visco-elastic foam that was once deemed as the expensive material can now be applied to assorted products from bedding materials to hospice items such as hospital beds and padding for wheelchairs. The most popular usage of visco-elastic foam would be in the household department, where it is marketed as an orthopedic mattress that promotes better circulation, realigns the spine, and eases troubled sleep simultaneously. The secret to a firm but the moldable mattress is due to the open cell structure of the foam that passes air to adjacent cells when it is pressed down upon. This very structure also deters the presence of dust mites and hence is also great for sleepers who tend to succumb to allergy. Original visco elastic foam will never cause your allergy to flare up. An original visco-elastic foam will also never visibly flake or break.

The ultimate visco-elastic foam varies from one person to another in terms of body weight and sleeping position. The lighter you are, the less dense your visco-elastic foam should be and vice versa. On the other hand, if you tend to sleep on your side or back, you should opt for a thicker Visco elastic foam mattress topper. If you favor sleeping on your stomach, choose the thinner visco memory foam pads instead.

How To Enjoy The Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress For Free?

There is one school of thought which believes that equipping yourself with the memory foam mattress topper is more than sufficient to provide the sleeper with the benefits of having an actual memory foam mattress. If it is true, more users around the world could enjoy the healing properties of memory foam without having to shell out a large amount of money for their very own memory foam mattress.

The theory of only using the memory foam mattress topper to convert your entire mattress into a memory foam mattress is dependent on two factors. First of all, it depends on the type of mattress in use and the quality of the memory foam mattress topper.

In order to be effective, the memory foam mattress topper is required to be positioned on a mattress with a stiff surface. If the underlying mattress is one with a soft surface, the memory foam mattress topper will unceremoniously sink into the mattress, thereby being rendered indifferent to any other mattress topper.

Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress Topper

So technically, it is physically possible to enjoy the properties of memory foam simply by utilizing the mattress topper made out of memory foam without the presence of the memory foam mattress. On the other hand, placing an ordinary mattress topper on top of a memory foam mattress is definitely not going to allow you the benefits of memory foam.



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